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go to equipping and empowering
exploited people to reclaim a life

of independence and freedom


ReStore is a Social Enterprise that supports people coming out of exploitation to reclaim a life of independence and freedom. We aim to provide an alternative career path that frees them from their current bondage by providing them with training programs where they can realize their identity and capabilities. Discovering their potential enables them to re-imagine a positive and fulfilling life and empowers them to be reintegrated into the community.

Our beautiful range of products are the result of our beneficiaries discovering their talents. 100% of the profits from our beautiful range of products goes directly into the beneficiaries' exit fund, which helps build their new career path.



Our favourites:

variety of beautiful aprons and fabric items. They come in both adult and kids sizes too!


Our favourites:

naturally scented soy wax candles that come in different flavours.


"When I go back I will use the skills I learned here to achieve my dreams. My goal is to have my own business and to help others. There are some people in the same situation I was in before and they have no opportunity to get out of poverty and out of their difficult situation. I can go back and teach them what I learned in the program."



" I met a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen for a while and when I saw her,I recognized that something had changed. She looked very different, her face was glowing and I could see new hope in her eyes. I was curious and asked her what had happened to her and she told me that she joined this program a few weeks ago and that it had changed her life. So I decided to join the program as well because I desired to have a new life."



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